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The Most Gentle and Effective Method of At-Home Exfoliation for Face & Body Unlike microdermabrasion machines or chemical peels that are known to wreak havoc on the skin, and are inconvenient and expensive, Sakura Silk ® was specially developed to be the gentlest effective at-home solution for skin exfoliation. This innovative, all-in-one exfoliator helps reveal newer, younger skin with instant visible results, while its nourishing gel-cream formula also detoxifies, hydrates, and softens your skin. Formulated for face and body, and for the most sensitive skin types, Sakura Silk ® works synergistically with any existing skin care regimen.

(1) Dirt & old keratin left behind by cleansers leaves skin looking dull.

(2) Apply the gel and it quickly reacts with and attaches to keratin and other waste proteins, turning white.

(3) Then, rub the gel off, it wraps the dirt in microfibers and carries it away.

(4) Removing the dirt makes skin feel smooth and increases its permeability to toners and other cosmetics.

(1) Wash your face or body before use.
(2) Apply to damp skin (if wet, towel dry for best result) and wait for a few seconds until the gel begins to turn white.
(3) Gently massage for 30 seconds to 1 minute until the dead skin cells appear in flakes upon the skin’s surface.
(5) Rinse off with water and pat dry.
(6) May be applied all over or to targeted areas.
(7) Moisturize your skin well after use!

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